Megan Fox on Today (Australia) June 21, 2009

  • ThisFreakIsAlive

    She looks nothing like Angelian jolie what the hell man, the guys basially just said if it wern’t your acting its your looks that will get you through that would have offended me

  • NsR

    it did offend her, she just didn’t say anything cuz she gets that alot and she is just a good sport about it. i think she is aware that her public image is 100% Sexual and most people dont recognize her as an actress that starred in one of the best movies ever, but as a hot chick that was in a robot movie. That must suck.

    And i understand she hates to be compared to angelina but there are some things we can’t deny:

    1 she has dark hair and bright eyes like angelina.
    2 she got married around the age of 24 like angelina.
    3 she is with somebody alot older than her like angelina was by her age.
    4 she got his name tattooed just like angelina did.
    5 she has script tattoos that look alot like angelina’s.
    6 she has a weird sexual public image just like angelina.
    7 she makes constant sexual comments just like angelina.
    8 she claims to be bisexual just like angelina
    9 she says she has a libido of a 15 year old just like angelina.
    10 she claims being a fiasco in cooking, just like agelina.
    11 she makes drug related statements very similar to angelina’s
    12 she was just as loud and outspoken as angelina was.
    13 she stopped doing that when it came back and bit her in the ass just like angelina.
    14 she claims to struggle with low self-esteem just like angelina
    15 most of her friends were boys just like angelina.
    16 she has a rebelious spirit just like angelina had.
    17 she feel much safer with girl-lovers just like angelina.
    18 she hates double social standards just like…well, al of us, but angelina too XD
    19 she claims to feel like a boy just like angelina
    20 she is a sex symbol just like angelina (and about a milion of other girls)
    21 her rebelious ”nature” (haha) makes her stuck in the 60’s thinkin that tattoos are a taboo when actually they are more ordinary than toilet paper, just like angelina.
    22 she might be one of the only people that are constantly in tabloid magazines even though she doesnt do anything stupid (other than all the stuff i just metioned) or party scandals…or interesting stuff, and still peple can’t get enough of her, just like angelina.

    Boy…this could go on for a while, i’m not even near being haf way done…and NO i do not like the comparissons cuz they are both separate individuals, but i can definately see why people say they are alike, and i LOVE megan fox but i must disagree with her when she says it is a lack of criativity from the media cuz…it really isn’t. still i’d be offended if i was her.

  • NsR