Megan Fox “Jonah Hex” Bust Debut

February 12th, 2010 17 comments

Take a look at Megan Fox “Leila” and Josh Brolin “Jonah” busts. Both busts, along with plenty of other DC Direct merchandise, will be on display tomorrow at the New York Toy Fair.

Notice that Leila has a pistol behind her back. You bad girl!

Megan Fox in Armani Underwear Advertising Campaign Shoot

February 10th, 2010 27 comments

Here is the new video of Megan Fox at the Emporio Armani Underwear advertising campaign shoot released on February 9th on .
Enjoy her beauty!

More Megan Fox in Armani Jeans Campaign

February 8th, 2010 23 comments

Here are 2 new pictures of Megan’s photoshoot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Armani underwear and jeans campaign. The adds will appear in fashion magazines and on billboards in New York , Los Angeles, London, Milan, Rome, Paris and Tokyo.


Megan Fox in Motorola Superbowl XLIV Commercial

February 7th, 2010 37 comments

I had no idea Megan had starred a commercial. I was really surprised when I saw it on TV, this was my first SB (I’m not much into football) and never expected to see her in a commercial.

Here is the hilarious Motorola commercial shown during the Superbowl XLIV.

Added a gallery with screen captures of the ad.



Megan Fox Re-shooting in the Set of Jonah Hex

February 5th, 2010 31 comments

In my previous post I said:”Megan should be reshooting for Jonah Hex these days.”
And yeah I was right!.

Megan Fox was spotted today (February 5th) all dressed up holding an umbrella on the set of  Jonah Hex in Los Angeles.

OMFG! Megan you look stunning once again!

Click on the image below to see the full gallery – enjoy the pics!

Update on Megan Fox’s Upcoming Movies

February 5th, 2010 31 comments

There’s not much going on lately so I decided to do a small update on Megan’s new flicks.

Passion Play producer, Daniel Dubiecki posted this tweet on January 30th, 2010.

Passion Play update: 6 shoot days left… This dream is coming to an end. Megan wrapped yesterday, as did Rhys. What a film!


The shoots should end today and, as we reported back last month, Megan should be reshooting for Jonah Hex these days.

In a recent interview, Mickey Rourke tells Entertainment Weekly:

I didn’t know too much about her, except what I read. And I think the pleasant surprise was this girl who’s a world-class beauty turned out to be probably the best young actress I’ve ever worked with. I don’t know if a lot of her films have showcased her acting ability more than, say, being action-oriented, but she really stepped up the plate with this one and was very consistent and professional, beyond her years. At 23, I couldn’t do half of what she’s doing.


What a flattering comment!

Also, here is a new single pic of Megan dancing with Mickey Rourke on the set of Passion Play.

Regarding Transformers 3, reports say it’s going to start rolling in May 2010 and it will possibly be a 3D film.

The upcoming movie will kick off principal photography in May this year. Additionally, Screen Crave mentioned that Paramount Picture is considering to shoot the film in 3-D.


Michael Bay has said before he wouldn’t like to make a 3D film, but after the HUGE success of Avatar, the studio is pushing him to do it.

Finally, Bay has stated that the third installment of the movie is going to be different from the previous ones:

Although the number of robots increased significantly from the first film for the second, the third film — which will hit theaters in summer 2011, won’t be as robot-heavy and there will be fewer explosions. There will be a nice crescendo ending,” Bay said. It gets much more into the robot character. The last time you kind of met a few of the robots; this time you’re gonna get a much cooler landscape.


Megan Fox on MTV’s The Buried Life

February 2nd, 2010 55 comments

Here is last night’s episode (February 1st) of “The Buried Life” featuring Megan Fox.

Personally I think the episode was disappointing because I had seen all this before, nothing new :( Enjoy it.

Another sneak peek to Megan Fox in “The Buried Life”

January 28th, 2010 42 comments

Here is another preview video of Megan Fox on MTV’s The Buried Life, the full episode will be broadcasted on MTV on February 1st at 10pm ET, and we will have the full episode for you.

Thanks to Irene for sending in this video.

A Preview of Megan Fox in “The Buried Life”

January 27th, 2010 32 comments

Megan Fox will appear on MTV’s “The Buried Life” on February 1st at 10pm ET. The Buried Life is a show about 4 regular guys (Ben, Dave, Duncan and Jonnie) on a mission to complete a list of “100 things to do before you die”, and to help and encourage others to go after their own lists.

Here is a sneak peek of the episode in which they are trying to accomplish their goal number 59: “Ask Out The Girl Of Your Dreams” at Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Los Angeles Premiere in June 2009.

Don’t forget to come back to check the full episode =D

Megan Fox in Shrek Forever After

January 24th, 2010 42 comments

Movieweb is reporting that Megan Fox has been cast in the fourth Shrek film, Shrek Forever After.  She will be doing the voice of “Princess from Rumpelstiltskin”. There don’t seem to be anymore details about her role, but she is listed on the films IMDB page so I assume the news is legit.

(via Movieweb)