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Couple of new Avon videos featuring Megan Fox

Hi all, and Happy New Year I suppose, I’m a little late :) Anywho, there are a couple of new Avon videos featuring Megan introducing Avon Instinct to New Zealand and Australia, you can check out those below. A couple of articles here and here to check out as well. The pic at the bottom is from the old 2007 Maxim shoot which may or may not have been seen before. Thanks to Deon and Alla for the tips!

  • iLoveMe

    Where is Megan? Did she have the baby already, I have a feeling it’s a girl.

  • Andie


    Good question.

    And media said it was another baby boy. But then again, when she was pregnant with Noah, the media said it was a girl.

  • pomegranates

    Megan I love you so much, you’re so misunderstood I wish people saw you the way I do, as a fan as an admirer, God bless you Megan

  • Deon

    Even if the sightings of Megan pre Christmas were true that was over 2weeks ago.
    She was being more open this pregnancy. Do you guys think she may of announced the Birth if she did?

    I’m thinking they will have another Boy.

  • Courtney

    I was wondering that too Deon. I would hope she announces it just like she did with Noah. She has been more open with this pregnancy so I hope she announces it sooner rather than 3 weeks after birth. I’m wondering if she will be lucky like last time with the paps not catching her head to the hospital. I’m really excited to hear what the name and gender is. As for the gender it really could go either way because like Andie said the press said it was a girl with Noah so it’s one big mystery until it’s born. Do you think she was really 7 months in November at that event? I don’t remember if she said it herself or if it was reports. If it’s true she is probably due any day!

    • Deon

      Megan only announced/confirmed the birth of Noah after E! broke the story. This time she has been much more open so she might announce the birth of Baby 2 herself and much more quickly if they aren’t spotted at the hospital.
      I don’t think Megan was ever quoted confirming she was 7months pregnant at the Avon event, but I think she was.

  • Figomor

    I don’t care if it is the boy or girl, as long as the child is healthy and her family happy.

  • Deon

    Megan apparently spotted today still pregnant
    its not super reliable since its twitter and only 1 person posted but

    of course that’s whats important

  • truvor1965

    I hope this doesn’t mean the film retake.

  • Alla

    I feel very anxious about reshoots; it looks like a bad sign for me.

  • Deon


    thats what I thought at first but apparently its common, it looks like they are doing it in LA. Alan was at the Lakers vs Clippers game on the same day he posted that which I think implies that the reshoots are minor

    They are shooting some extra stuff we don’t know what, but from what I have read its probably more motion capture of the turtles in those special effects suits rather than shooting whole new scenes

    • Deon

      A little while back I spotted this rather interesting video, I put off posting it so I could get some info. Well it turns out a few years ago Megan did an Ad for Armani Idole that Armani didn’t or hasn’t used. One of the people who worked on the video released a behind the scenes/teaser video of the Ad check it out below. At the end of the video it states “Coming Soon” remember this video is a few years old so we might not see the finished product.


      • Deon

        on youtube

  • iLoveMe

    Wow, she looks really young in that video. She looks like a young girl playing dress up.

  • truvor1965

    She’s just incredible.

    • Deon

      Just read some really random stuff on a faniste that reposted the video

      These are the facts I have so far, I am trying to get more info

      #The video was made years ago and was unused by Armani

      #The video is a teaser/behinds scenes/making of it isn’t the final Ad as the person I talked to described it as a “making of” video

      #The person I contacted doesn’t know what Armani did with the video as he is doesn’t work for Armani

      Quotes from him,(English isn’t his first language)

      “this is Megan Fox on this making of… and her voice too.
      So, I don’t work only for Armani….”

      “I made this video few years ago and don’t really remember how Armani use it”

      My speculation is they wanted Megan to be the Face of Armani Code/Code Sport, they didn’t want her in two perfume ads.
      Armani may or may not ever release the final Ad

      • Deon

        # The Video was uploaded online by Philip Glineur, he worked on the clip. It was not uploaded by Armani

  • Alla

    Oh, I really hope so =) Furthermore, doing some reeshoots seems to be common practice particularly for Paramount Pictures, what is also can be accepted as soothing fact. For instance, they reshot “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” and “World War Z”.
    (*bad sign for me = to me)

    Teaser is such a teaser LOL. Hope to see a full version one lucky day =) Thanks for posting!

  • escada

    too bad she was not at the golden globes ::((

  • stanton