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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Sunday Stroll

Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green were spotted heading to church in Los Angeles on Sunday (May 27, 2012), thanks to foxfoxfox for the heads up!


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  • mmmm
  • newmeganfoxfan

    love to see her with sunglasses.

    As of right now, the candids of 2012 are not anywhere good as in previous years.

  • foxfoxfox

    Your welcome. Megan sayd she was raised a snake handler, is this true and are there any snakes at this church???

  • je

    wtf she doesn’t look pregnant. ok is she messing with us?

  • carmencita

    Under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh

  • Deon

    hey guys remember part 2 of the sway interview that was meant to come out around the release of the dictator? it hasn’t been released and sway won’t reply to me.
    Maybe if a group of us follow him https://twitter.com/#!/RealSway and ask about part 2 of the Megan Fox interview he might at least reply.

    snake handling is part of some christian churches. No this one doesn’t have that

    I don’t think anyone here will be happy if she isn’t pregnant

  • Courtney

    I could follow him and ask. I would only do a direct message though because my followers will think I’m weird haha

  • Courtney

    Nevermind I can’t

  • mmmmm

    go to church and she dressed like that!? she looks awfully funny…sorry

  • Deon

    lol @ Kas is he trying to tell us something with those winks?

  • Andie

    Jeez, now we know Brian is not protecting her from the sun…LOL.

    He even hold the umbrella in a different way now. Maybe her baby bump has grown. LOL

    And in one of the pics, we can see that she has a white bag in front of the belly too.

    • Deon

      The umbrella is weird,
      Brian doesn’t even cover Megan well almost all the time
      We know there was no bump and they were using it
      They don’t use it sometimes eg the Lakers when they know there will be papz
      If she isn’t pregnant why use it?(maybe they know belly pics(bump or not) will sell well so they try and stop it?)

  • Andie

    The strange thing is that Brian usually puts the umbrella on the side, not completely in the front (except in one church candid in april). And like you said, he doesn’t cover Megan most of the time.

    But now it was totally in front of her. Completely. This umbrella thing started this year. It only makes sense if she’s pregnant. Brian never used it before to shield Megan from the papz. (only in one gym candid back in 2010).

    Oh, about the Lakers. Maybe they can’t bring a umbrella to the stadium? I don’t know.

  • Deon

    You might be right about the umbrella at the stadium.
    If she is pregnant and has no bump why use it? at Church on Sunday he wasn’t covering her well.
    I think he might be covering Megan so well because the papz is right there close to them?

  • Andie


    maybe, but why cover her in the first place now if he has never done it before?

  • garry

    i didnt know you had to dress up to pray to god.the point is, shes going to church, not a fashion show.