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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green lunch in Los Feliz

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were spotted out and about earlier today (May 23, 2012) in Los Feliz.  Looks like GossipCop.com is reporting that Megan is 100% pregnant, maybe (link).  Thanks to Deon and Andie for the tips!

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  • Deon

    Yes it does look like Megan is pregnant in the pic but it’s one pic repeated 3 times plus one more obscured pic. The papz probably sold these pic because it shows Megan looking Pregnant while the others don’t. Megan is also pulling her cardigan forward and it looks like she is going to clasp her hands. Which is what creates the “bump” *updated*

    As for Gossip Cop they are usually pretty good but this time I think they are wrong.
    They have been trying since the first rumour to get in contact with someone why did it take them until now to contact a source? imo this source has come to believe the rumours. They give the early rumours a 9/10 on their scale (meganing that its very reliable)
    http://www.gossipcop.com/megan-fox-pregnant/ which is crazy.
    Also the source is unnamed

  • Andie

    One thing I can’t understand either: WHY on Earth would Megan carry a bag/purse UNDER the cardigan? Just to make more volume? if it is, she’s helping all those media rumors in a certain way.

  • casey

    Are you sure that’s a purse under her jacket? I looks like a shirt. I agree with Deon. Where are the rest of the pictures? Just one where she’s pulling her jacket out…so it looks like she is pregnant.

    • Deon

      it is a shirt and it does look like she is pregnant but can’t tell with one pic.
      I thought she had a purse in her other hand but its just her phone. in her left hand she has a Rosary looks like she is kinda bringing her hands together which could make the shirt buldge

  • Andie

    Are you guys sure? Because it looks like a purse.

    • Deon

      where do you see the purse? I thought the rosary was part of a purse and thought the cardigan was the strap.

      I see a phone in the other hand and you can see through her cardiagn and see the outline of her shirt. It looks like she is 7months pregnant which compared to the pics from the 8th is almost unbelievable

  • Andie

    The light green thing under the cardigan. It looked like the format of a purse in one of the pics. But you guys are saying it’s her shirt, so I don’t know. It must be a pretty loose shirt.

    • Deon

      The blue/green with some red and yellow is her shirt. She is pulling her cardigan forward and it looks like she is going to clasp her hand together. I thought she had a purse on the other side and it was squashing her shirt causing the appearance of a bump

      She went from no bump 2 weeks ago to now it looks like her bump is huge its probably just a bad pic and there is only 1 pic

  • Andie


    But what’s with the lastest rumor? I mean, the pic was released after the rumor. Why they just don’t shut up about it?

    • Deon

      Its good for the media also the papz can charge more for pics so they are happy

      @aleks_the fox
      that’s true but I didn’t want to mention it again. She also probably had lip fillers at the ‘spa’ when she was covering her lips but there are fillers that are ok during pregnancy. Her face could be bloated due to pregnancy though im sure some will claim that

  • aleks_the fox

    She’s had new fillers in her lips. She said before that these thing aren’t good to use if you’re expecting. So I guess it’s a bad picture and she’s pulling cardigan, then she’d probably clasp her arms. Plus, it seems the shirt to be really loose. I mean it’s tight in the upper part and very loose in down part.

  • aleks_the fox

    Her belly can’t grow that fast. I mean look at the picture from the last month or two. She looks in great shape. Her belly looks so flat [I'm kinda really jealous]. So it’s probably a bad moment to take the picture and she’s wearing loose shirt plus pulling her cardigan. She likes this kind of tops.

  • Andie

    I’ve seen her new fillers too. Which fillers are OK during pregnancy?

  • Andie


    So even with her getting fillers from time to time, she can be pregnant. So it has like 5% of this pregnancy be true.

    I was counting on the fillers as a strong proof it was not true.

  • mmm

    where are my pics, deon?

  • hollywood

    Why would anyone pay for that during pregnancy? You would naturally have a fuller look…I guess she may be dumb if true …..what a mess….feel bad

  • mmm


    oh my god…her jacket is slipped, that is all!!!!!!! she has not such a baby bump

  • Deon

    removed here it is again http://megan-fox.net/?p=7306
    I don’t really understand why the people who read comments here wouldn’t check one of the main fansite regularly.

    Well I don’t think she is pregnant. If you want you can go back and look at the pics and decide if she had something done http://www.x17online.com/gallery/view_gallery.php?gallery=2012/04/foxgreen041912_X17&index=2

    When I first became a fan it was something that I focused too much on. I’m not a fan of cosmetic procedures but I’ve come to somewhat understand the pressures to get it done.

    look through her black cardigan. You can see her shirt. I highlighted the outline.
    But yea its bad pics, I think she is pulling/squashing her shirt as she pulls her cardigan forward and kinda clasps her hands. We only get 2 pics probably because the others she looks normal.

    Why is she pulling her cardigan so far forward? I dunno she was doing similar things in earlier pics

  • riri

    I don’t understand why other celebs like Reese Witherspoon , Gisele etc. confirm or deny their pregnancies and Megan is doing all this show. It’s really starting to look fake and desperate like Kim Kardashian or Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag kind of thing. Megan look like a reality star now not an actress. It’s bad.

  • Nathan

    It’s pretty obvious she’s just pulling her cardigan around herself like anybody else would – she pulls it out, and wraps it round her stomach.
    Stop obsessing over the littlest things (that also goes for these ridiculous celebrity websites as well).
    It is one/two pictures of a split second in time, and a news story has somehow come out from it? Instead of dealing with ifs and buts just wait for an entirely official story to surface.

  • Deon

    Megan’s rep denied a rumour late last year. I don’t know why she doesn’t say something I guess if she keeps responding to personal rumours that gives them a way to find out info?
    And if she is walking around looking as pregnant as these new pics suggest why not just confirm it
    I guess the publicity is good

    I agree this is a perfect example http://www.x17online.com/gallery/view_gallery.php?gallery=MfoxEXCLUSIVEBABY111711_X17 those side on pics make her look 6months pregnant
    But we are excited and want to discuss it.

  • zum85

    I agree with riri. If she’s pregnant, she can confirm it (and no paparazzis will care of her for a long time), if she’s not, she can simply deny. The way she’s behaving (ambiguous answers, cutting off interviews on the issue, etc…) makes me think that’s she’s only trying to find a way to stay on the media. She’s behaving like a diva right now that her career is at its lows, That’s not nice.

    Let’s be honest, her recent movies were boxoffice flops (apart from “the dictator”, where she plays only a 2-minute role), she’s making more commercials than acting, and quite frankly her new interviews like “former-bad-girl-who-matured-and-now-wants-kids” are not a big idea, if this new PR strategy was supposed to help her career, well, it definitely failed. She was far more successful some years ago, when every magazine wanted to interview her every month.

    Please, give us back the “real” megan, the sexy and funny girl of the period 2007-2009, she’s so boring now…

  • Nicole

    Reese Witherspoon has not confirmed her pregnancy either!! It just became obvious now. A lot of celebs don’t want to talk much about their personal life. It doesn’t matter if she confirms or denies…any pregnant celeb gets a crazy amount of attention…so I don’t think that hastily do with anything. If she is, she probably is doing what Reese did and just wait until she can no longer cover it up.

  • Deon

    Every celeb is different but Megan has spoken a lot about having babies etc and she has a Facebook that she uses to share some personal stuff I don’t know how secretive Reese is about these things.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/oberchecker4ever?feature=mhee Armani95

    i bet the baby will be very cute and ver beautiful!

  • zoe

    she’s not pregnant its just her bag in the way. would be nice if she was pregnant but megan herself said that she wants to reach a certain amount in her career before having a baby.

  • Andie


    We’re talking about her LIPS. Pregnancy doesn’t make your lips fuller. And we all know she’s addicted to that, unfortunately. I don’t think she will stop it when she gets pregnant.

  • casey

    Pregnancy doesn’t change the size of her lips.

  • aleks_the fox

    I haven’t seen these pictures before. She doesn’t look pregnant here. I think it’s getting kinda boring that she doesn’t deny neither confirm the rumors. When she was wearing the maxi dress and the cardigan she looked really tiny. It was maybe a month ago. Maybe her people make her not to do anything just for the PR. But it’s not that good about her image. They should try something more appropriate for her right now.

  • Andie

    Again…..her PR team sucks. I don’t see them doing anything to help her career/image. On the contrary, I only see they doing things that will bring negative consequences to her later.

  • aleks_the fox

    Exactly. Maybe they just want for her to get more and more public but she’s getting only negative publicity. She turns to what she said a few years ago she didn’t want to be like this. What a pity!

  • Andie

    Yep. But I think it’s partly her fault too. She could easily change the PR team if she didn’t agree with the mess they are doing with her career/image.

    She could look at other actresses her age, for example, Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Wilde, Scarlett Johansson, etc. Their PR teams don’t act the same way Megan’s PR team act, and all of those actresses are working in movies just fine, without being just an eye candy or having a 50 sec cameo. Their careers are working and Megan’s career is not at the moment. So who’s PR team is doing the best job?

    I can’t understand why Megan doesn’t see that. Or pretend she doesn’t see that. Why she keeps together with this PR team when it’s clear they are doing anything but help her.

  • iLoveMe

    She hasn’t really had any negative publicity, but she does need a new PR team and agent. Her taking small parts in comedies and running around trying to act mature and motherly is boring and is a far cry from the HOT FOXY Megan I grew accustomed to.

    I think she’s pregnant, but I don’t think she has a bump yet or on those pictures, just an illusion because of the angles, the cardigan and the baggy shirt. If her bump got that big in 2-3 weeks, I don’t care who disagrees, she’s pulling a Beyonce, which will lower Megan in my book. Because she’ll be in the category with many others who just used kids or getting pregnant for publicity. To my belief, I believe Jessica Simpson may be the only celebrity who actually gave birth to her baby in the past 2-3 years.

  • mmm

    maybe she want to be mature and motherly…maybe she want have Kids….maybe she is now ,like al here says “boring” WHO cares i love her ;))she has change and i want now to acept it

  • mmm

    what kind of pic is this over ….that is not my , deon?

  • Andie

    I don’t know. I wish she was pregnant.

    But I don’t understand why the silence. They both know she’s going to get a major publicity with a pregnancy, whether she actually wants a baby or not. I hope she really does and she will lower in my book too if she got pregnant for publicity or used a surrogate to do it because she doesn’t want to ruin her body. A baby is not a toy. This is serious. It’s a life, it’s a person with emotions. You really have to want the baby, love it, take care of it and not using it as a trophy for publicity. So if it’s true, why not just admmit it? She will continue to get press even after the baby is born. That’s for sure.

    Now this silence only makes sense if it isn’t true and they are using it for publicity until she can’t fake it anymore. Until time goes by and people see how belly is not growing. Unless she’s pregnant and wants to act like Reese Witherspoon, who never admmited she’s pregnant, but right now she doesn’t need to because it became too obvious.

  • Andie


  • je

    You know, her TEAM sucks hard!!!!! They are probably THE WORST team in Hollywood.!! After TF 3 mess they didn’t do nothing good for her career, she got just bad movies, her image is very down right now, i would love to see her at isome mportant event like “cannes” for exemple, to see her again on some red carpet, promoting something important, but is really this A DREAM?

    About “the baby rumours” is pretty sad that somehow even Megan use this fact to get publicity. I know that her career is not is some good light now, but again is sad.

    And due in september? Wtfffffffff people that means that she is in 5 months pregnant? But where is the baby bump? 2 weeks ago she had no baby bump!!!!

    Or is she playing like Beyonce???? and use some surrogate!!!!!

  • jenny

    I don’t know but her thighs do look a little bigger in last month’s pics that Deon posted. Shes also wearing looser clothes with a longer shirt hiding her thighs. If what stars mag is claiming to be true:( http://celebrity-gossip.net/megan-fox/report-megan-fox-expecting-daughter-645561) ,she should be about 4 months pregnant now– from these pics it looks like she is, especially from her thighs in the back.
    I agree Andie, her PR team is lousy.

  • jenny

    hmm but her thighs dont look as big here : http://www.x17online.com/gallery/view_gallery.php?gallery=2012/04/MFoxBump042912_X17#pic6
    which was less than a month ago..maybe shes expecting at a later date like december? that is if she really is pregnant

  • Deon

    Pregnancy can make the lips fuller

    Megan’s team is very strange e.g wouldn’t going to the Oscars be great publicity with no negative side effects? yet Megan was asked and said its boring so she didn’t go?

    This surrogacy talk is baseless and very insulting.

    What are the chances the rumours are half right? are Megan and Brian providing misinformation to dilute the rumours as just guesses?

    She hasn’t had negative publicity its kinda true. The refusal to comment stories are kinda negative but if it turns out she isn’t pregnant then we can expect stories about milking the rumours

    About the silence imo Megan did comment during the ET interview and Brian did respond to people mag

    One thing the actor was less forthcoming about, though: persistent rumors that Fox,25, is pregnant

    He was asked about the rumours and responded to the question. He didn’t deflect or avoid or refuse to answer http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20593381,00.html He essentially denied it(maybe he could be saying the rumours are right by luck but that is kinda stretching it)

    At this stage there is no real reason Megan shouldn’t hop on facebook and confirm or deny it.

  • Andie

    I don’t think they responded. Megan said that “no, no” but that was kinda confusing especially with Leslie freaking out in the background saying “no personal questions” when Megan had no problems talking about it before. And Brian only said “they’ve been saying that every 3 months since we got married”. And? he could said that if she was pregnant too.

    They need to give a straight answer. “Yes, she’s pregnant” or “No, she’s not pregnant”. Like Leslie did in those previous rumors.

  • Deon

    Well I do think Megan outright said No she isn’t pregnant but the context is kinda connfusing and most people don’t agree with me.

    Brian is grouping all the rumours(including the current) together saying they are just rumours ie they are all just baseless stories made by the media and Megan isn’t pregnant.
    There is a slim chance he could be saying Megan is pregnant and the rumours are just “right” this time by chance.

    He was asked about the rumours he wasn’t asked if Megan is pregnant, I see it as a 90% denial.

  • foxy

    Everybody knows that Megan is obviously pregnant except some stupid persons on this fansite. Don’t waste a time. You will see it very very soon.

    • Deon

      Stupid people everywhere think she isn’t pregnant lol
      I hope you are right

  • Andrea

    She really is pregnant. Well, congratulations Megan! Let’s all accept its too obvious. She’s wearing a blouse guys not a baggy shirt. Its hugging her upper body…

  • Deon

    Another metrocity ad http://imageupper.com/i/?S0200010020011Z13379140932387836 similar to previous pics

    look at this pic http://www.megansafox.com/wp-content/gallery/megan-fox-23may-12-lf/megan-fox-23may-12-lf-003.JPG you can see folds in the shirt showing its baggy below her forearm

  • Alexander

    I am happy for you that you are married and expecting a child. This does not mean that I will ever forgive those bastards that stood between us and treated me that way. I will fight them till the day I die. You have no idea of the hate I have for them. Absolutely no idea.

  • aleks_the fox

    Her team is so weak. They want to get up her image but it kinda doesn’t work well. If she’s pregnant she maybe doesn’t want to speak about it because she’s superstitious. There is something like “you don’t have to speak about the baby in first 3 months”. Something like that I guess. So she was wearing the rosary beans and it was 3 months ago maybe and I think she just is spiritual and doesn’t want to talk about it. But her team is really bad.

  • LEVA


  • newmeganfoxfan

    The dress she wore looks like she is hiding her bump if you ask me.

    We should just wait until she says something. i think she is going to have a new photoshot soon and she is going to tell the truth.

    • Deon

      I’m not seeing it, which pic? The dress is actually quite figure hugging her boobs looks big but the dress is just low cut and looks like she is braless. She is meant to be 5months pregnant now.

      I don’t see how the rumours from the same “reliable” source could be half right? (unless Megan/Brian are providing misinformation to find the leak. which is stretching things)

  • Andie

    LOL….. “Trophy husband”. Loved Brian’s shirt.

    • Deon

      lol I noticed that once I stopped staring at Megan’s belly

  • Andie

    Oh, great.

    Someone said on JustJared that Megan is wearing a “bola necklace”. I made a research on what a “bola necklace” means and guess what guys.

    “Bola necklace” is a necklace pregnant women receive as a gift. Here’s the description:

    “A beautiful handcrafted pendant for the mom-to-be. Worn like a necklace, the pendant rests low on her belly and creates a soft chime when she walks or moves. From around 20 weeks, baby will be able to hear and enjoy the soothing sound of the chime. It will continue to comfort baby after birth too. ”

    Link: http://www.babysbestdesigns.com/bola.php

    And the examples in the link have some resemblance to the necklace Megan is wearing except hers has an addition of a greek eye pendant right above the “bola” one.

    So, if she’s not pregnant, she’s definately feeding the rumors.

    • Deon

      Trololololo. Megan is trolling hard. Just like pulling her shirt forward. Sad thing is though she is trolling her fans not just the media or the papz

  • aleks_the fox

    I hope she’s not feeding the rumors. Otherwise it’s really stupid. But yup, she’s wearing first the rosary beans and now this necklace. What the hell is going on here??

    • Deon

      I wouldn’t say she is feeding the rumours but she is trying to make fun of them but of course that leads to confusion

  • Andie

    aleks_the fox :I hope she’s not feeding the rumors. Otherwise it’s really stupid. But yup, she’s wearing first the rosary beans and now this necklace. What the hell is going on here??

    Exactly. If she’s trolling, it’s sad. I don’t agree with her trying to make fun of the rumors by wearing a necklace that is given to pregnant women. To me it’s a desperate call for attention of the media. She has never done that before and let’s face it, this was not the first pregnancy rumor about her. Why trolling now and not before? She’s getting lower and lower if she’s trolling.