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Megan Fox lunch date in Los Feliz

Megan Fox an Brian Austin Green were spotted in Los Feliz yesterday (April 20, 2012) for a lunchtime rendevous.  Thanks to Andie, Jenny and Deon for the heads up.


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  • Nico’

    Ha quel charisme, quel look, quel style!

  • Nico

    Ha quel charisme, quel look, quel style!Ha quel charisme, quel look, quel style!

  • aleks_the fox

    She looks pretty good. What about pregnant rumurs ?

  • http://www.google.com ceres.


  • newmeganfoxfan

    According to the statistics of Facebook.Megan’s page is so popular in London England.

  • Deon

    Forgot to mention the This is 40 trailer is coming “this week” according to Apatow. I guess he means the coming week

    @aleks_the fox
    she hasn’t said anything, no sign of pregnancy, I don’t think she is pregnant. She probably won’t say anything until Closer to the Dictator release

  • newmeganfoxfan

    Awesome…hope there is a bit of the pool scene because i wonder why Chris said that a lot of guys are going to be jealous .

  • Deon

    2 new versions of an old Armani Pic

    because its Megan and she is in a bikini lol

  • mmm
  • mmm
  • mmm
  • khloee

    she looks sooo white and unhealthy. I’d love to see her tan again..

  • escada

    i dont think she looks unhealthy… i´d rather like her pale… :)

  • escada

    but why is she wearing a tshirt and boots?! is this normal in LA?? thats kinda weird for me…

  • Flaco27
  • newmeganfoxfan

    that’s an old candid pic. it’s from early this year.

  • Flaco27

    I do not know, in a French site that was to mark today.

  • Alex

    the shoes tell a lot about a woman…this is why a woman looks a man from bottom to top while men look the other way. Well judging from them one can understand that Megan is a woman who seeks comfort and still believes in romance, more like a sentimental woman. I am surprised with some incidents in the past but well they should remain in the past and look at the present and future…

  • Flaco27

    Look : http://minu.me/67yh
    It is clear that the picture is taken today, it is even described.

  • Lifeslight/Kevin

    @khloee I’m only adressing this because health is a big subject for me, and of course it is when it comes to her. MEGAN IS NOT UNHEALTHY! There is a healthy skin tone and she has it most of the time, i also prefer my women tan. I take offense, which doesen’t happen often, in someone saying SHE looks unhealthy. Besides, its probably just the sun light shineing on her making her look so pale in some pics, i’ve seen that happen to soo many people before. And good looks intertwine with good health most of the time. People should know that.

  • iLoveMe

    She has that look like those vegetarian’s have. I see them at the grocery store all the time. They are all pale-ish, tight-skinned, older looking than they actually are and just strange looking, which makes them look unhealthy. Dr. Oz looks unhealthy to me, but he’s a health nut and a doctor. I honestly don’t think they are that healthy because they are not getting enough NATURAL proteins and necessary nutrients like a meat eater would.

    See Megan’s older pictures, she wasn’t that pale before and her eyes wasn’t looking as weak as they do now. Her dieting, mixed in with her puffy cheeks and bigger lips makes her look terrible at times.

    But when her face gets to normal and she’s acting free and sexy– like before or like the Friends with Kids premiere in the red dress, she looks like the hottest woman on the planet.

  • Deon
  • jenny

    ^I love her hair there in the new pics, but i don’t know if id dress to church like that, looks kinda like she just left a gym. At least shes goes to church in her 20’s, which not a lot of people do.

  • jenny

    Hmm maybe she is leaving the gym? In the other pics she was also carrying a water bottle to church

  • newmeganfoxfan

    JJ says that Megan is going to be at the red carpet for the dictator?

    the guy who used to post here galvao is attacking megan on JJ…what a loser.

  • savannah

    how does she make the outfit look okay xD , on an average person that outfit would look hideous lol but this is megan fox !

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