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Megan Fox and her men in Studio City

Megan Fox was spotted leaving Thai BBQ in Studio City yesterday (July 24, 2010) with Brian and their son Kassius.


  • Atta

    i dont see Brian mosquito, xD. dont know why you wrote “men” instead of “man”. anyway, megan looks good :)

  • Deon

    Brian was there http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/433/mega1.jpg
    Kasper = Kassius?

  • http://www.megansafox.com nicolaspata

    Thanks Red, nice pictures =)

  • Andie


    According to the papz, Brian run to start the car once he noticed their presence. And Megan gave them a finger.

  • Andie
  • julie

    i like her outfit :)

  • rjboom

    she’s going to dinner with her shirt open exposing her bra like that around the little boy!?

  • aleks_the fox

    she looks good

  • jenny

    Andie, discussion is still continued on the older post…

  • jenny

    If only the media could be more convincing that he’s actually running cuz it sure doesn’t look it.

  • alicia

    I am planning 7-8 years from now, i’m gonna play her lil sister in a movie! :D
    at least i can be one of her relatives cause i have black hair and i can use gray contacts (which look blue on me for some reason!! )

  • khaliq

    hello dear Megan Fox i hope you fine and healthy i am 1 of your most lovers i mean lover of your all activities and you are only the 1 that you are in the top and you will be the toppest for ever i do beleve i hop your further progress for you