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Megan Fox Leaving The Gym

Here are a couple of pictures of Megan (Her ass actually) leaving her favourite gym in West Hollywood the morning after Jonah Hex red carpet.

Enjoy her…. Ahh you know!

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  • Atta

    omg, what an ass, its gettin better and better…, xD

  • obsessedonMeganFox


  • paul

    2 b far…she needs 2 put a lil weight on coz her ass is not as nice as it use 2 b!!! 2 skinny now. she looked the best ive every seen her in T2! fact!!!!

  • http://www.simplymasha.blogspot.com MegaMasha

    @paul Agreed! Looks like a chicken butt now :p

  • cassandra

    damn that ass lol looking great i saw these pics a few days back.

  • max

    Beautiful butt :)

  • Mahh

    Loved So Much Megy ♥

  • max

    I love how megan is she has a sexy style like no other , beautiful girl ………… love this site too expect when people bash on here. Other then that megan forever ;)

  • cassandra

    ya i agree with ya on that one x

  • fink

    why is she trying to lose so much weight, is she trying to lose the fat she had misguidedly injected into her cheeks, now by getting bone thin, hoping to reduce her face bloat, this girl is so whack, she needs a shrink

  • cassandra

    omg go away seriously if you dont like her then please dont come on here to criticize her! Megan looks great. She has not had anything done to her cheeks get a grip and stop saying what she has had done to her face and how she needs help why does she need help if she is naturally skinny and cant help it. Now if your Lindsy lohan you need help!

  • Alan

    Holly crap… the distance between her legs is fascinating :)
    What’s the way be her bf as soon as possible??? lol

  • max

    @ cassandra
    Thank you (:
    @ finkle
    The only misguided thing is your hateful appearence on here ………. boo ya :)

  • Tiffany
  • Jack

    The flatest ass I have ever seen. Sooo unattractive!

  • cassandra

    hahahha ya ur welcome always sticking with the good and true fans and stick up for our megan lool. ya what he said boo ya llool. oh and to jack she odnt have a flat ass what kind of ass do ya want

  • http://af1fitness.com AF1 Fitness

    Megan Fox’s next BF

  • fink

    Cheeks: Almost all the surgeons we spoke with agreed Megan has had her cheeks filled. “Her cheeks have been enhanced, maybe with a filler like Radiesse, Juvederm, or Restylane,” says Dr.Bruce Katz of the Juva Skin and Laser Center in Manhattan. Dr. Steven Pearlman, a NYC plastic surgeon notes the actress has, “jumped on the facial filler bandwagon. Her cheeks appear fuller and more round.” Dr. Katz claims that this procedure in particular is becoming very popular with women in their twenties!


  • gaut

    Well, losing weight makes cheek bones more..oh l don’t know!

  • Barry Brazos

    I think Megan is going through a transition right now. She is no longer doing the Transformer movies. Those movies made her big. Now what? Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

  • fink

    aw heck here are some great comparison shots, her changes are not drastic, just too much lip filler and botox (which no one can deny), she is full grown woman now your face becomes fuller, but she was not looking fresh face that night


  • gaunt

    She’s still very good looking. Some swelling l guess, a girl can hope for the best. For now staying home for a few months seems like a good idea. Like never going anywhere..at all.

  • cassandra

    ya i was just ganna say that if she has lost alto of weight i think she still looks amazing it makes ur cheeks look bigger or whatever you call it they havent talked to megan themselves and neither have i but she hasn’t had anything done to me except lip filler witch is nothing

  • Lenny

    Usually, when a woman loses weight, it’s seen in her face. At Megan not.

  • iheartmegan!

    stop hating my megan :( its not good. she can do what she wants with her freaking body, i wish i had a body like hers. number one fannn!

  • Barry678

    She has a great body! Perfect!!

  • aleks_the fox

    i like her but she still is doing something on herself

  • cassandra

    you go i agree with ya lool she is to amazing for me i like love her soooo much

  • Dana Lover

    What the hell does it matter? She is getting more famous by the second with all u clowns talking about her every little detail! She’s probably laughing so hard!

    Okay, will this make u UGLY-ASS haters feel better? Megan was really created in a lab using Barbie Doll parts! She’s completely fake and man-made, but the club thumbs were only added to throw you off.

    Get fucking real! Just like other actresses Megan is in front of an HD camera often, which shows one’s every tiny flaw! She is highly known for her beauty & sex appeal, so she feels the pressure to be PERFECT!

    Megan was pretty and sexy before, BUT her new look is off the charts and you know it, which is exactly why you’re at this site reading this post! Get real with yourselves already!

    In fact, you’re probably checking your penny banks to see if you can afford some cosmetic procedures of your own! For some reason it makes you feel better about yourselves to say that Megan is FAKE!

    I’m 100% a realist in the fact that I can say, “yes, it’s apparent that Megan has gotten a few minor upgrades to her face, but it’s not all that you people say!
    She enhanced her already nice lips with some filler, that is not a surgery! She had the bump in her nose smoothed, it wasn’t a radical change! She probably got small breast implants, which look nice.

    As far as the cheek implants, chin implant and Botox, I seriously doubt it! Megan is only 24. Why would she get Botox?

    The simple fact is people change with age. She has a great makeup artist.

  • Deon

    @Dana Lover
    I agree with what your trying to say but none of the cosmetic procedures she had improved her.

  • cassandra

    @Dana Lover
    i agree with some things u said like her lip filler yes she probs had lip filler but i dont think she had boob job ive seen her in the flesh they didnt look fake she uses special padding for bras and stuff. But she doesnt look at her sites on the net she dont ike to and why would she laugh at her fans for sticking up for her.

  • hef

    small pic of megan on intouch weekly tab, called out for bad surgery, ouch!

  • http://af1fitness.com AF1 Fitness

    OMG! Johan Hex did so bad.. Killers did better than Johan Hex and it wasn’t Killers opening weekend… Poor Megan! I hope she doesn’t get knocked up and gets married. She just needs to lay low for about 2 years and come back strong. 2012

  • lala

    @AF1 Fitness
    yup she needs to take a break, hopefully next time she reads a script, the media is blaming megan for the massive bomb, even though its not her fault that the movie was a disaster on every level possible, but if her next movie is at least a critical hit, she may get better offers, right now she is bad news

  • cassandra

    i thought she did really good in the film it wasnt the best film it could of had a better ending. Megan has had no surgery so how can people say she has bad surgery when the girl has had none and everyone was always like oh how hot is she all whatever now people are saying surgery and she cant act leave her alone. I actually sort of want her to have a break so she doesn’t have to here about all her haters. You lot are soo rude about her. shes a great woman and i love her and everyone who comes on this site should be a fan of hers and not hate on her. She will do good with everything she does. There are much worse actors out there and they dont get killed like megan.

  • Deon

    I hope she isn’t depressed over all this. Its kinda hard to feel sorry for someone who is healthy, young, beautiful, successful etc but I think all the negative attention she gets is effecting her.

    She seemed terrified at the prospect of being asked “the most popular question’ from twitter during the access Hollywood interview and at the Hex premiere she asked people not to protest before revealing a movie role she wants to play :(

    Maybe im over reading things

  • cassandra

    ya i saw she was nervous about the twitter thing and i don’t blame her i mean she got shouted at by some girl when she went to get a coffee cause the girls bf said to megan how beautiful she was and stuff megan didn’t even get the chance to say thank you she just said this isn’t worth it im leaving and went out the back door without a coffee. I really dislike all the megan haters its not fare she isn’t the worst actress there are worse and they never get as much shit as megan gets. She is a good actress she isn’t fake and she is amazing how she is and i hope she doesn’t let all these haters who want to be her make her upset! Megan deserves the best in her life. Just think haters what the hell has she ever done to you?

  • aleks_the fox

    she’s got a twitter?

  • cassandra

    @aleks_the fox
    nope no twitter

  • aleks_the fox

    it’s good for her everyone is watching there that’s stupid

  • L

    I’ll admit I wish I had Megan’s motivation….and abdominal muscles.

    @Atta Lol you made me look lmao. Buns of steel!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTaXegksZrw Michele

    Came across this song these guys from Chicago did about Megan Fox and Jessica biel, Blaq Fuego is singing about how he wants to hook up with Jessica and Mikie Da Poet keeps saying “but im thinkin about Megan Fox” and does his 2 verses about Megan, and how he thinks the directors are crazy for asking her to gain weight. Its so good, I luv it. I love how he says ‘but im thinking about Megan Fox” so hott.

  • cassandra

    lool good song couldnt really here it very well but herd all the megan stuf flool

  • Iga

    Please add new post!

  • http://deleted julie

    its been like a week since adding new post!

  • dog

    Megan is in hibernation nothing to report

  • cassandra

    she doesnt go out much that why there isnt much new posts she likes being home with her family im sure we will see something of her soonish

  • Deon

    It seems Megan and Brian got married

  • Deon

    They are in Hawaii again and both seem to be wearing wedding bands

  • aleks_the fox

    where do you get that from, Deon?