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Megan Fox Foot and Shoe Picture Compilation

I have been wanting to put together a gallery like this for a while and finally got around to doing it.  It’s just a compilation of closeup shots of Megan Fox’s feet/shoes at various events over the years for all those people who like feet :)  I think feet are fine, but there are some people who REALLY like these kind of pictures so this is for them!  I am sure there are more pictures out there, I was able to track down the 35 that I have posted and these are all HQ closeup shots, not zoomed pixelated  pictures taken from larger full-body images which would be a lot easier to do.  The preview pics below are scaled down, click the gallery link for the full HQ pics.


  • thatboyjimmy

    This spooked me out haha. I didn’t know people liked feet so much lol.

  • http://distillersrock.deviantart.com/gallery/ ThisFreakIsAlive

    Ohh i love teh leopard one similar to mine i love pin up heels so sexy

  • Atta

    i dont have a foot fetiche, but, damn! xD

  • nicolaspata

    Girls will love this gallery.
    All girls are obsessed with shoes. They die for high heels XD

  • National

    I, for one, DO have a foot and shoe fetish. I thank Red Mosquito SO much for starting this compilation. I know for a fact that there will be more out there in the immediate and distant future. I hope to see those when they come out and I hope this compilation can grow in size and appreciation.


  • S.Hesse

    I really like the picture from inside the Tattoo You(Rolling Stones) album cover the best although Megan may have needed to shave her foot a little more…lol

  • http://feministguidetohollywood.blogspot.com femguide

    this is weird. talk about fetishizing her…

  • moonyuet

    i wanna wear heels, but i cannot be so mature==

    take some of the pictures do some collages.

  • haveyoumetdelon

    Megan’s feet are very pretty. Girls spend a lot of time on their feet considering pedicures, ankle bracelets, toerings, countless styles of shoes, etc. So it’s not surprising to think that feet are attractive. It’s like appreciating the girls’ efforts.

  • http://yahoo.com footloveforever

    She has very sexy feet! I just want to suck on her feet and toes right now. If only I could massage those soft feet.

  • meganfan

    Megan’s feet are simply flawless! Here is Megan Fox’s ultimate feet gallery:


  • Sharma

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy feet………..yummmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy