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Megan Fox Jennifer’s Body Portraits

Here are some lovely portraits of Megan Fox taken in Toronto yesterday (September 11, 2009).


  • http://meganfox-dlc.blogspot.com nicolaspata

    Cute pics…
    Just love her.

  • atta

    nice pics, she looks gorgeous

  • S.Hesse

    Got kicked from official Megan Fox Facebook yesterday. Did not like my jokes? Wow nice pix anyway. God I am out of Megan Fox jokes. Maybe Green jokes? The Joker(Steve Miller Band)…

    • http://www.megansafox.com RedMosquito

      @S.Hesse, she does not have an official facebook so i guess you got kicked off the fake one :)

  • Robert Shatzer

    These are just stunning!!! Thanks for posting! These are some of her best IMO.

  • elisabethdakak

    Megan is very pretty, but Angelina Jolie has a distinct style that nobody has, not even Megan

  • KQ

    oh. my. god. stunning.

  • http://meganfox-dlc.blogspot.com nicolaspata

    Less than a day to watch you cute bird at the VMAs.

  • laura palmer

    she is so amazingly stunning

  • cassie

    she looks soo beautiful in these pics like always cant wait till the vmas

  • aytac

    hayalimdeki kadın bayılıyorum:)

  • Gio

    Love you Megan!