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This is the new server

I am moving the site to a new server today (September 11, 2009), if you can see this post it means you are seeing the site from the new server.

  • http://www.megansafox.com RedMosquito

    Test comment.

  • http://distillersrock.deviantart.com/gallery/ ThisFreakIsAlive

    Cool i love the new site

  • http://meganfox-dlc.blogspot.com nicolaspata

    I can see it XD

    What is the difference between this server and the last one?

    • http://www.megansafox.com RedMosquito

      @nicolaspata, this new server is much more powerful – it’s running on a Core2Quad Q9300 with 8GB of RAM now, the old server was a Dual Core AMD with 4GB of RAM.

  • cassie

    ya i love the site

  • atta

    yeah, its better now