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Megan Fox at the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Premiere in Berlin, Germany

Guten Tag! Here are some pictures of Megan along with Shia LaBeouf and explosion aficionado Michael Bay in Berlin, Germany for another Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Premiere.  Normally I’m not a fan of the slicked back hair look but I think she looks pretty good in these pictures – the dress ain’t too bad either ;)  I also just realized that I can spell LaBeouf without having to Google the correct spelling anymore -yay me!!


  • SolAngel

    OMG!!!!…. She is amazing!!!

  • leaflinks
  • Maria

    Hey i life in Berlin and i were by the Berlin Transformers 2 Premiere. Megan was Sexy but very unkindly.
    I was totally disappointed from Megan. She is a diva! she wrote only a few autogramme and threw theirs fans none look. Only on the red carpet she had a smile for the photographers.

  • ThisFreakIsAlive

    Great dress smoking hot

  • Adam

    Is that right, Maria? If what you say is true, then I’m disappointed myself. Maybe she needs to go to charm school. Regardless, this is a really nice pic of a(n) (alleged superficially) beautiful woman.

  • http://www.megansafox.com RedMosquito

    obviously she has no control over how long she can stand around and sign autographs, it is a planned event and she does what she’s told to do.

    maybe in her spare time when she’s not under such a tight schedule she will return to germany and surround herself with a bunch of horny germans so that nobody’s feelings get hurt

  • http://www.elpijeo.com HUGO EDGAR.


    Please call me bya.

  • http://meganfox lauren

    wow megan looks soo amazing here i love her dress i like the colour of it i like her hair like that it suits her tighed back and her make up she just looks soo stunning here

  • Ged

    Sweet mutha fuck! Look at those legs!

  • Figomor

    Megan is the most beautiful, gorgeous, prettiest woman in the whole world. Although I am not so sure about her talent. But still: I love you Megan and please do not be rude to your fans.

  • saxooka

    omg too hot

    i wana have sex with her

  • saxooka

    my friend abullah will die if he did not get a kiss from you

    he is dreaming of you as his future wife :P

  • cecilia

    you guys …. she prob didnt meet her…. so give up the shes rude. greeting fans gets old when you’re constantly under the spotlight. They act because its their job… the paparazzi and fans are great at a distance… nobody wants annoying fans screaming their lungs out in your face… you do what you can in the amount of time you have and you leave it at that… I have met many celebrities and I understand if they dont personally say hi to me…. its their job to get in and out… let them be.

  • http://www.yahoo.com fabian

    hi there im from big trout lake i wondered if u liked when u where on trans formers it was kool call me love ya